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20th-May-2014 11:21 pm - Hyde- I can feel [live]
This is from one of my fave Hyde's concerts: HYDE FAITH LIVE 2006. (Expect a lot more Hyde to come)
A few aclarations must be made:
-lyrics and translations by mellnoct.blogspot.com.ar
-the videos available for download have a better quality than the ones you can see on you tube


download: https://mega.co.nz/#!wkBiSa7R!zcvkdGhuoiP94vjtKP8SzN6kpM5beQqGvupkBW-n1Zg

ESP subs

download: https://mega.co.nz/#!sxJ1FRBD!ldO-Iqabvd5vpePI0yptcwqOSlRjT0bkBvOrMpZ4M3s
There's not a lot to say here, I just love Jiro's voice, and this dorama was pretty fun as well ^^
(sadly, this is the best quality I could find for this MV... If I ever found a better one, I'll be replacing it!)

Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!U0hh2BSb!ZJuxwAMFR0pwRatMHmBEQxAJmc36IE9ZO23lpI6o89A
18th-May-2014 10:36 am - NYC pv
Estos videos están dando vuelta en mi pc hace AÑOS ya, y como son de los primeros que hice cuando recién empezaba a experimentar con los efectos de karaoke, no estoy muy conforme con los resultados, pero de todos modos, los posteo por si a alguien, de milagro, le llega a interesar xD

Yoku asobi, yoku asobe


Yume tamago

18th-May-2014 08:10 am - Identity - Miyano mamoru
I just love this song, (It's got to be my fave Mamo-chan song so far), so I just HAD to make it subs ><
identity- Miyano mamoru.AVI_thumbs_[2014.05.05_23.29.15]

Download here: https://mega.co.nz/#!F5xWUJRD!mZXcnZdRXLks2hMq895pYwMSdRBHnsnn1_b6_qxByfs

Comments are always appreciated ;D
18th-May-2014 07:56 am - Getting started..again >
Well, I had this journal inactive for a while already, and almost all the links in the few post a had here were broken, so I decided I'll start all over again :D

This is going to be a journal to download music videos with karaoke and subs. Most of it will be jrock, and jpop, but other stuff may pop up sometimes.
As for the subs, I'll try to always have an eng version as well as a spanish one (spanish is my first language), but it will depend on my mood ><... If I only put up one version (as the esp or the eng subs), and you want that vid to be translated into the other language, just let me know, (and if I still have a raw available) I'll post it as fast as I can :D

Also, I should clarify that most of the translations aren't made by me. I do speak some japanese (been studying the language for a few years already) but I don't think I'm fluent enough as to translate without making mistakes. I'll try to credit as much as I can, but I don't always remember where I found my translations, so if you see something here you think is yours, let me know and I'll credit you right away (or take the vid down if you want it).

...I really can't think of anything else I should say, but if you have any question, or just want to talk, please, do leave a comment!:D
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